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Boys-Hinsdale Central Recap (3/4/16)


Solorio Track News and Notes


Hinsdale Central Invite- Friday, March 4th, 2016


This past Friday proved to a lot of you that hard work pays off. Of the 14 people that ran, 13 had a PR! The night got rolling with David sacrificing his 1600 to help pace Lorenzo in the 800. His selflessness helped Lorenzo PR by 12 seconds- running a very solid 2:27.7. Edgar A., Alejandro, and Fabian followed with PR performances of their own. It was clear they had nothing left as they crossed the line. Edgar A. really grinded it out and put himself out there in the open race, just as Julio did in his 1600 effort. Their desire to get out and hang on each gave them 10-12 second PR’s of their own.

Jorge C. and Jesus (18 sec PR) did a fantastic job of pack running and fighting together. Freshman, Munoz, continues to improve week to week as evidenced by his strong effort and finishing speed. His stride looked strong and smooth. I’m looking forward to his progression over the years.

The best part about the meet was that it was quite clear that nobody had any gas left in the tank when they crossed the line. Every single person raced their event. Put yourself out there in practice and you’ll be more willing to put yourself out there in a race. Do that and you’ll be more successful in your efforts. No regrets!


“The culture precedes positive results. It doesn’t get tacked on as an afterthought on your way to the victory stand. Champions behave like champions before they’re champions; they have a winning standard of performance before they are winners.”

-Bill Walsh, former NFL coach and player


Remember, each one of you is a piece of the puzzle and a part of something bigger than yourself. Say please and thank you, do that extra stride, help your teammate with their hw, do that extra rep in the weight room, rock those strength drills, eat right, sleep well, and get your hw done. It’s not easy, but then again nobody said it would be. Do the right things, make the right choices.



  • We will continue focusing on at 3-4 quality days a week- 2-3 workouts plus a long run
  • Morning runs will continue, but will be changed to Tue and Thu mornings. Runs will be 25-30 minutes (3 miles). Head out the door between 6:50a and 7a.
  • 800 runners will be practicing baton exchanges on some E days as Conference race approaches.
  • Remember, 8:00-3:23 school is the priority- be a role model student and do your best. From 3:45-6:00- track is the priority- be a role model and do your best.



Conference is on Sunday, March 20th at the University of Chicago. There will only be 1 team entry for the 4×800, and 1 individual entry for each of the following races: 800, 1600, and 3200. We may use some of you for the 4×400, if necessary. Runners will be selected based on attendance, time, and character.



Event Name Gr 800 1600 PR?
800 Aranda, Edgar 12 (81-87) 2:48 -9 sec
S1600 Cisneros, Jorge 12 77-81-89-84 (2:39-2:53) 5:32 PR
S1600 Rivera, Jesus 11 77-83-89-78 (2:40-2:46) 5:26 -18 sec
800 Saucedo, Alejandro 11 (76-84) 2:40 -10 sec
1600 Arroyo, Damien 9 (3:09-3:22) 6:31 PR
800 Arroyo, Fabian 10 (81-87) 2:48 -16 sec
S800 Hernandez, David 10 (73-75) 2:28
1600 Lopez, Jose 10 (2:40-2:48) 5:28 -12 sec
S1600 Luis, Omar 10 (2:33-2:43) 5:16 PR
1600 Maya, Eduardo 9 (3:02-3:07) 6:09 PR
1600 Munoz, Jason 9 (3:09-3:09) 6:18 PR
S800 Rivera, Lorenzo 9 (73-74) 2:27 -12 sec
1600 Vaca, Julio 9 (2:48-3:07) 5:55 -12 sec
1600 Vazquez, Osvaldo 10 (3:04-3:15) 6:19 -55 sec




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